Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bishop David Oyedepo Unveils Double Portion 2013

All winners chapel members gathered in the presence of the lord last nigth to cross over to 2013 in canaanland, ota and transmitted via satalite worldwide.
Bishop Oyedepo realeased the transference of spirit working in his life to all living faith members worldwide, he also declared double portion blessing, favour, grace and divine surprises this year.

Bishop Oyedepo also shared some 2012 achievements of his ministry, that is the church mandate book which was realease in september 2012, Faith Academy bags NECO award of excellence, Kingdom Heritage Model School and Faith Academy represented Nigeria abroad in countries like Italy, Singapore, UK and came with outstanding result. He also said 41 Kingdom Heritage Model School project, 7 Faith Academy Day school and 3 Faith Academy boarding project has being completed nationwide while 21 Kingdom Heritage Model School project is due to be completed this year.

Bishop Oyedepo concluded with a change of annual winners' chapel members greeting from GLORY to DOUBLE PORTION, NEXT LEVELS !!!


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