Friday, 25 January 2013

Shaggy death a rumour

Jamaican-American Grammy award winning pop singer/rapper Shaggy became the lastest victim of a celebrity hoax on Wednesday following a false report that the "wasn't me" singer Shaggy was the victim of a fatal stabbing argument that took place in a bar. The report said Shaggy was involved in a Los Angeles bar fight that led to his death, which ultimately resulted in the worldwide trending hashtag #RIPShaggy on Twitter.

The rumor was further fueled when the singer’s Wikipedia page was updated listing the star as dead from the bogus fight. The Wikipedia page, however, has since been making its way around the Internet, but fans of the “Wasn’t Me” singer can relax because Shaggy is not dead.

Shaggy’s rep told an online blog that the death hoax is untrue and the singer is alive and well.

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