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Tuface Idibia Offers Baby Mamas Cash, Car and House

Naija Biff just learnt that 2face Idibia has offered his other baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo Ajaba, N10 Million Naira, a house in their choice area and a car of their choice to make things right. Tuface who is currently recording his next album in LA, is making the moves quietly through a confidant to avoid the media from feasting on it.

Másturbátioñ Not a Sin: Pastors Blast Oyakhilome

Pastors in Nigeria have lambasted the founder, Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome over his comment that Másturbátioñ is not a sin against God but a mere habit that God is not angry about.

Since the controversial pastor made the comment recently, angry reactions have been pouring in from Christendom over what they called heresy, being preached by the pastor, which negates the words of God.

Oyakhilome was asked by one of his pastors how one could overcome Másturbátioñ and he replied that “the reason you are thinking of stopping it (Másturbátioñ) is because you think it has become a habit for you…  Másturbátioñ is not more than a habit than any other habit.

“So once you make up your mind that you want to break a particular habit, you just do it, you make up your mind… in fact the best way to break a habit is to replace it with another habit.

“There is one thing I would like to bring to your mind that may be of help to you because the reason you are thinking of stopping this is because of what you think it is.”

He added that “no matter how wrong you think this is in your mind, get this straight, in itself, it is not a sin against God,” emphasising that as a result of this belief that it is a sin, Satan used it to oppress people of God “making them feel ineffective and inefficient in the things of God.”

Reacting to Oyakhilome’s comment, the Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, Dr. Ola Makinde said there was only one way of having sex permitted by God in the Bible, which is only through marriage.

“There is only one way of having sex in the Bible which is natural.  Másturbátioñ is unnatural and unethical. Whatever is unnatural and unethical is abomination. I leave him to his own opinion,” he said.

According to Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly, every believer must be able to subject his body to control because it could lead to something else.

Popular Evangelist, Pastor Akin Fasawe said Másturbátioñ is a sin as stipulated in the Bible, saying that death was even recommended in the Bible for those who practiced such things.

“Másturbátioñ is a sin because when you masturbate, you will release. If the minister of God said Másturbátioñ is not a sin, he can easily tell his church that fornication is not a sin. The Bible recommends death in the Old Testament,” he stated.

According to Primate Elijah Ayodele of the INRI Evangelical Church, it is stated clearly in the Bible that Másturbátioñ is a sin against God.

“That is his own view. Where did he see it in the Bible that Másturbátioñ is not a sin? Maybe he has his own Bible. It is a bad thing. Maybe it is in his Bible,” he laughed.

Pastor Akin Akande of the Men of Purpose Ministry stated that Másturbátioñ is a sin.

“It is like abusing the gift of God. It is heresy. The Bible says it is a sin to derive pleasure outside the content of marriage,” he added.

Pastor Leke Akinola of the Upper Room Baptist, said self induced Másturbátioñ is a sin against God and that it is heresy for any minister of God to say it is not a sin.

According to Rev. Sam Ogedengbe, “Másturbátioñ is a sin and it is unbiblical. It is demonic and anyone engaging in it should know that it has spiritual connection.”

Many online readers of the Oyakhilome story published in the Friday edition of P.M.NEWS have criticised the controversial pastor for making such a comment.

One of the readers, Machie Sunie Chuks, asked: “how can you do it without your mind being there? Pastor please, call a spade a spade! Remember, your body is the temple of God, so keep it holy! Readers, please test which spirit is speaking through this famous pastor before you continue to bind yourselves with Satan’s yoke!”

Another reader who gave his name as Osa Jolly simply wrote: “Másturbátioñ is a sin…the Bible does not accommodate it in anyway.”

Nicholas Istifanus said his body is God’s temple and that he must keep it holy. Osinaku Benedict declared: “you will always be a slave to sin until you quit excusing your weaknesses claiming it is a habit or that you are helpless.

“As a child of God you are not helpless. A Christian hates sin while a sinner excuses and justifies it. Sir, please use your exalted office as a man of God to win lost souls back to Christ.”

Maigeri Joachim said: “Chris, stop plunging the world into confusion. The genital organ is made by God for a specific purpose. It is wrong to use it wrongly. The scripture says all wrong doing is sin. I ask you, is fornication a sin? Is it not a sin committed in agreement? Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. I hope you are not a Másturbátor?”

Orsidy Bellowcy exclaimed: “God! I think Satan is taking over some men of God! How could Pastor Chris say that Másturbátioñ is not a sin?”

He added that since the human body is God’s temple, he is of the opinion that man should not indulge in any unholy things like Másturbátioñ “or are we now living in Sodom and Gomorrah of this age? Pastor, you are absolutely wrong!

“Please, you need to retract the speech you have made, because you are too far away from the truth if truly you have said it!”

A reader, who simply called himself David urged Pastor Chris to go back to Bible school “because, once you conceive it in your mind, you’ve done it.”

Pastor Victor Adimorah said: “although every man of God is being led by the spirit of God to bless us, when there is a problem within the man of God, we are expected to hear comments like the one made by the Pastor. Please pray for Pastor Oyakhilome. I believe he is undergoing a spiritual battle.”

Prince Coker declared: “If truly this man said this, I come clean, he is a Satanist. Get the book The Sin of Pride you will get to know what Másturbátioñ means.”

Elias while warning people not to challenge men of God said: “maybe God told him to deliver the message. I expect other men of God who have a contrary opinion to educate us because many men may opt for Másturbátioñ instead of sex, since there is danger in having sex now.”

Another reader, Kay asked: “does fantasy not proceed from the mind? If the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, is it not wrong to defile it? I like the man Pastor Chris but on this one, I disagree with him. This is not scriptural and it is morally wrong!”

Fola Dare says: “what is wrong is wrong! Másturbáting is a bad habit. Our body is the temple of God.”

Bruce L. asked: “will Pastor Chris also tell us that pornography is also a habit and not a sin? Converted Christian who were in the occult world will tell you that it is a spiritual attack that Satan uses to destroy Christians as the semen goes to a semen bank.”

In her response, Susan Jones said: “Másturbátioñ, just like any other sexual immoralities, is wrong. It is just like a pastor, telling his followers that they could have intercourse with someone that they are not married to if they use condom. Semen is first and foremost for procreation, it is not to be wasted as it would normally happen when Másturbáting.”

Another reader, Wale, wondered: “Because Másturbátioñ is not in the Bible it’s not a sin? The Bible doesn’t talk about ganja (marijuana), cocaine and secret cult so they are not sin also?”

According to Zik Dave, “It is very bad that Pastor Chris is taking the gospel to another dimension. Before someone starts Másturbátioñ, he must feel like fornicating, which is a confirmed sin. Please my humble members in the vineyard, Másturbátioñ is a sin.”


14 year old boy shoots his mother dead as she slept

                                            Joshua Smith                                  Tamiko Robinson

A 14-year-old boy, Joshua Smith, in the early hours of Monday morning, shot his mother, 36 year old Tamiko Robinson, at least ten times as she slept on the couch, his uncle told reporters after the teenager was arrested.

The teen, from east Detroit, was said to be angry that his mother had tried to keep him off the streets and away from a gang. 


Smith's uncle LeShaun Roberts, told Fox Detroit News the teen had wanted to 'hang with the big boys' - gang members in their twenties - but when his mother said no he ran away to relatives. But Robinson, a dialysis patient, who was battling lupus, went after her son and insisted he came home, angering the youngster.

According to the uncle, Joshua broke into his step dad's room, got a twelve gauge and brutally murdered his mother while she slept on the couch in their home.

Joshua's five-year-old sister and step dad, were in the home at the time and were forced to jump out of a low window to escape the gunfire. 

Smith was arrested soon after the shooting. He had reportedly been driving around in his mother's car.

Police arraign woman for pouring faeces on her husband's mistress

The Police in Akure, yesterday Tuesday Feb 28th, arraigned a 28-year-old woman, Folashade Babatunde before an Akure Senior Magistrate’s Court for allegedly pouring faeces on Agnes Olasehinde, (pictured above) a 27-year-old banker with First Bank Plc, Alagbaka branch, Akure.

Around 12.30 pm on Friday February 24th, Sade Babatunde entered the bank with a polythene bag full of faeces packaged in a can and allegedly poured the content on Miss Agnes, who was attending to customers, before security guards could stop her. When Sade was arrested, she accused Agnes of dating her husband.

Folashade Babatunde, a trader and Higher National Diploma student at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo in Ondo State was docked  on a two-count charge of act likely to cause breach of peace and assault. The accused pleaded not guilty to the two charges and was granted bail. The case was adjourned till March 27, for hearing.

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Celine Dion Cancels Shows Till June due to Voice Problem

 Grammy-winning singer Celine Dion announced Tuesday she had canceled a string of upcoming shows in Las Vegas due to a virus-triggered problem with her vocal chords.
The Canadian-born star was due to sing at Caesars Palace in a series of shows through March 18, but has called them off after being ordered to rest her voice for six to eight weeks.

Following the difficulties that she experienced with her vocal chords last week, which resulted in cancelled weekend performances, Celine decided to seek further expert medical advice from one of the leading international authorities on laryngeal physiology, Professor Gerald Berke M.D., UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California.

Celine flew to Los Angeles on Monday afternoon and had a thorough examination at Berke's clinic. Hediagnosed Celine with weakness in her right vocal chord, secondary to a viral illness. and he prescribed 6-8 weeks of voice-rest in order for Celine to completely recover from this condition.
Celine said in a statement on her website

"I tried to sing at my sound-check last week, and I had no control of my voice whatsoever," said Celine. “We thought that after a few days rest I would improve but it wasn't getting any better....I guess it was worse than I thought. I'm fortunate that I was able to see Professor Berke. He identified what was causing the problems I was having, and he assured me that with the amount of rest he prescribed, I would be back to 100%.

Obviously this is the worst thing for a singer....not being able to do your shows. I feel worse knowing that I'm disappointing my fans. I'm so sorry.....I hope they forgive me."
  Celine’s next run of performances beginning June 9 through August 19 will proceed as scheduled.

Comedian Seyi Law launches own magazine

My brother and friend just launch his comedy magazine known as The Laugh Magazine and the first edition is out! Look out for it and support the fast rising and hardworking comedian....You should also watch out for an interview with Seyi Law on Naija Biff

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

HIV+ve Maid Cooked Employer kid’s Food with Menstrual Blood

A 17-year-old HIV positive maid from  Gutu, laced the porridge of her employer’s four-year-old child with menstrual blood.

This was revealed in court where the maid’s cruelty earned her a 10-year prison term on Friday.

She will effectively serve eight years as two years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Pelagia Mureya, originally from Choto Village  in Chinhoyi, carried out the disgusting act several times until luck ran out on her when one day her employer last week noticed a drop of blood when her child was eating porridge and investigated.

The maid professed ignorance of the blood but her inquisitive employer took the porridge, her child and the maid to Hospital where tests confirmed it was the maid menstrual blood.
The toddlers mother immediately pressed charges against her, leading to her arrest...

Nepalese man crowned world’s shortest man

Guinness Book of Records official Craig Glenday travelled to Kathmandu this weekend to measure Dangi’s height and officially confirm he is the world’s shortest man. Dangi’s confirmed height is a remarkable 54.6 cm, 5 cm shorter than little Junrey (previous holder) and also a world record for the shortest recorded height for an adult male, ever.

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P Square's "Chop My Money" Video Becomes Most Viewed Nigerian Video Within a Week

P Square's Chop my Money video which features senegalese-American star Akon and labelmate May D has become the most viewed Nigerian video (Music and Movie) within a week on youtube .

According to Youtube analytics and insight that celebregion has been monitoring since the video dropped , Chop my money has been receiving an average of 4,600 views / Hour .

The video was uploaded five days ago(Feb.23,2012),less than a week and has received  556,736 Views as at the time of filing this report which has never happened to any nigerian music or movie video before .
Music enthusiasts predicted it may get to a million views within a week.

The video which was featured on major nigerian music and entertainment websites immediately it dropped also appeared on few US-based websites.

 Congrats to P Square !!!

Lil Wayne To Launch Sneaker Line

Rapper Lil Wayne already has a clothing line, Trukfit, he has just disclosed that a sneaker line is in the works. Weezy told Vibe

 I do have a shoe coming out soon but it won’t be Trukfit. I have shoe with a well-known company. I just don’t want to say yet because Ihaven’t dotted the line yet. But it’s doneNah, it’s not a Nike or Reebok, I can tell you that much.  

He was asked if it will be coming out under Supra, he answered ,Uh-oh. Watch out [Laughs].
Weezy is expected to make the big announcement in the coming weeks.

I wasn't Involved in Car Accident -Laide Bakare

Contrary to report that movie actress/producer Laide bakare Okunfulure was involved in a car accident  last weekend with her new range rover SUV  in ogun state, she has refuted the report.
Laide said.

"I was  never  involved in any accident not even with my  Range Rover Jeep" .

Actress Stella Damasus Becomes Women For Africa Ambassador

Nollywood star actress Stella damasus has been appointed  the Women For Africa Ambassador .
Stella was appointed alongside Uganda's Jennifer Ogole and Kenya's Gita Patel.
Stella said;

“Every minute of everyday a woman somewhere is bringing another being into the world. She nurtures, guides, loves and comforts her family. Despite prejudices, she forges ahead, endures hardship drawing on her inner strength. Today she has attained heights that were previously thought to be impossible. I am proud to be an ambassador for ‘WOMEN FOR AFRICA’ and I celebrate the achievements of African Women around the world”.

Women for Africa was birthed from a 20-year desire and passion to see women honoured and appreciated in a celebratory way.

 "Everywhere you go in life you see women. Focused, driven, determined, ambitious, resourceful, passionate, talented, inspiring are just some of the characteristics that are embedded in these women".

 The maiden edition of ‘Women for Africa Awards’ will be held in London 0n  19th May 2012.It will see a number of women of African origin from the categories awarded for their hard work, efforts, contributions and achievements.

Policeman shoots lover in the face, kidnaps sister

Residents of Bariga, a high-density suburb of Lagos, recently woke up  to a shocking incident which at first looked like another case of police brutality but later turned out to be a bad case of love-gone-sour situation involving a Lagos policeman, Corporal Emmanuel Okujo, who shot his former girlfriend in the face with his service pistol.

The trigger-happy man took his ‘bad cop role’ further by kidnapping his victim’s younger sister and disappeared with her as a hostage. The horrible incident happened on February 17, 2012, when the heartless lover boy attached to Ifako Police Division, Lagos, stormed the one-room apartment occupied by the two sisters, Blessing Isabor, 22, and Patience Isabor, 18, at No. 12 Ifateludo Street, Bariga, Lagos, at about 7:30 a.m., brandishing a pistol and seething with murderous rage. Within 30 minutes, the dastard deed was done. What started as a threat from the officer of law culminated in a grim conclusion with him pumping bullets directly into Blessing’s face, thereby inflicting grave injuries on her once pretty face, after which he fled the crime scene with Patience to an unknown destination.

The circumstance surrounding the bizarre act is yet to be fully unraveled. An eye witness to the evil act, Grace Igbagbon, cousin to the Isabor sisters who also lives in the same compound with them, narrated the plot of the sad episode: “I was in my room when my son ran in and told me that he saw the police officer pointing a gun at Blessing. Fear gripped me immediately and I ran into the girls’ room. I was shocked when I got there and beheld Okujo (the policeman) with his pistol drawn, threatening to shoot my cousins. He was pointing the gun at Blessing, but it was the two sisters who were both crying and begging him not to shoot them. I also joined them in begging him not to shoot them, no matter what they have done to him. Instead of listening to my pleas, he ordered me to leave or else he would shoot me as well. I ran out and raised an alarm. By the time I returned, he had shot Blessing and disappeared with Patience.”

On what she knew about the now at large policeman, Igbagbon, tearful and a bit hysterical, testified: “He used to come here to eat (pointing at a nearby canteen where she sells food), wearing his uniform most times.  I also know that he was very close to my sisters. Sometimes he would just come and go to their room directly”.
This poignant tale of “a cop’s blood-curdling cruelty” is complicated by an element of love triangle. A close friend of the hapless sisters provided an illuminating angle. The girl whose name is Oluchi avowed that the on-the-run policeman had over the past eight months been involved in an intimate affair with Blessing until recently when he suddenly switched his affection to her younger sister, Patience. Her words: “all I know is that the police officer dated Blessing for some months but suddenly switching over to Patience. We were all wondering how a responsible man could stoop so low as to have affairs with two blood sisters within a time frame of about eight months. He is just wicked because I know he was sleeping with the two of them”.
Another close friend of the two sisters, who preferred anonymity, also corroborated the story. She averred: “The Police officer after dating Blessing for some months abandoned her and started going out with her younger sister. He said he saw Blessing with another man. But must he because of that start ‘friending’ her younger sister? I am still wondering how Patience decided to start going out with a man that has already dated her elder sister. Maybe it’s because of the gifts he used to bring to her.”

According to information exclusive to Sunday Express, police officers from Ifako Police division had gone to Okujo’s Obalende resident as soon as the incident was reported. Their visit, however, only uncovered troubling evidence. “They discovered the policeman’s cloth and that of Patience, both bloodstained. We don’t know what he must have done to Patience; we don’t know where she is now,” a family member confirmed.
Since that ill-fated Friday two weeks ago, family and relatives of the hapless sisters have been thrown into emotional turmoil. Gravely-wounded Blessing is currently hanging between life and death at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja. According to doctors, the embattled young lady has a fighting chance to live, but at the cost of series of surgeries. This again presents another problem for the family. “We don’t even know where the money would come from because the family is poor”, Igbagbon said in tears.   It is double trauma for the beleaguered Isabor family, who apart from battling to save the life of one of their daughters, is also engaged in a harrowing effort of searching for the other abducted sister, not knowing if she would turn up dead or alive.

According to the grief-stricken woman, the two sisters, both secondary school leavers and natives of Edo state, lived in a one-room apartment with their mother who works as a nanny and rarely returns home due to the demanding nature of her work. “Their father is late, that is why they came down to Lagos two years ago immediately after their secondary school education to live with their mother and also secure a job. Now, the worst has happened; we don’t know where to start from.” She concluded her lamentations with a desperate plea to the public: “We need help from the public to treat the battered young girl and bring her back to life, Blessing must not die.”

Meanwhile, the case has been reported to the Lagos State Police Command and investigation is on-going to ascertain the whereabouts of the officer and the 18-year-old girl he took hostage. When contacted via phone, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP. Jaiyeoba Joseph, offered an insight: “The police is aware of the incident and has swung into action. The younger sister is the one he was going out with and both of them are currently at large.”

 Culled from Entertainment Express

Monday, 27 February 2012

James Ibori pleads guilty to fraud & money laundering charges

Former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori, today pleaded giulty to 10 counts of money laundering, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, and other offenses in a London court. He pleaded guilty to stealing over $250 million in public funds.
Britain's Department for International Development said today that Ibori “systematically stole funds” during his two terms as governor and deposited the money in bank accounts around the world. It says the money he stole was equal to $60 for every person in Delta state, and that the money could have provided education or clean water for more than 400,000 poor Nigerians. And they've promised that the money stolen by Ibori will be returned to Nigeria's poorest people.

With this plea, Ibori faces up to 10 years in a UK prison at his sentencing, which will happen after the trial ends. Goodluck and Goodbye!

2face,P Square,Duncan Mighty,Davido Join 9ice For Album Concert

Nigerian singer-songwriter Abolore Akande popularly known as 9ice is currently preparing for his album (Bashorun Gaa & Versus) concert .

It has now been confirmed that Many A-List Artists will join him for the concert scheduled to hold March 11 , 2012 at the Eko Hotel & Suites,Lagos.

2face, P square, Duncan Mighty, Davido,wizkid,vector,Tiwa savage, Dammy Krane ,seriki have been confirmed for now.Also there will be a special guest appearance by fuji legend, King wasiu ayinde Marshall who is preparing for his 55th birthday .

The concert being organized by Flytime entertainment will be hosted by Nollywood star actress-producer Funke Akindele.

9ice recently disclosed that the double album has sold 8 million copies so far and the marketer has given him N50Million.

32 Robbers Escape From Prison

Following the jailbreak of Wednesday, 15 February in Koton-Karfe, Kogi State, North central Nigeria, 32 armed robbery suspects who escaped from lawful custody at the prison are still on the run.

The Nigerian Prison Service, NPS, in a release from their headquarters in Abuja, said the 32 robbery suspects were awaiting trial at the courts. Other 40 suspects also escaped during the attack.
Suspected members of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, reportedly attacked the prison and forcefully freed the inmates including some of their members who were held in the prison.

According to the release by the NPS headquarters, the suspected jail breakers are: Shehu Isah, Mohammed Isah, Momoh Jimoh Salawu, Isah Sule, Hope Asuquo, Usman Lawal, Noah Abba Idoka and Shitta Yahaya.
Others are: Isiaka Ahmed, Blessing Ngiri, Usman Mohammed, Baile Ajayi, Ewuchie Stephen, Audu Mustapha, Sam Jibrin, Abdulklahi Adamu, Abubakar Madaki, Abdullahi Huseni, Isah Siaka, Adamu John, Atiku Muritala, Ifeanyi Chukwu, Yusuf Usman and Sunday Kolawole.

Also on the wanted list are: Ahmed Hassan, Abdulganiyu Yusuf Aduke, Usmar Mohammed, Akebe Nnwojo, Idris Abdullahi, Sani Baba, Ohikwo Ahmed and Zarki Zuberu Gwadabe.
Others include: Sunday Ojeodion, Ibrahim Musa, Alexander Ojoma, Gbenga Olatomiwa, Felix Benedict, Usman Isa, Abubkar Umar, Isah Akaba, Adamu Musah, Mohammed Quazhi, Godwin Eze George, Abdulrasaki Jimoh, Kingsley Okopire, Dahiru Isah, Abdulkarim Musamusa and Daniel Mohammed.

The remaining jail breakers are: Yunusa Mohammed, Stephen Anikuwenwu, Buba Ali, Joel Maji, Amodu Garba, Onimusi Yusuf, Shuaibu Isah, Tochukwu Okeke, Ilori Olushola, Sunday Otoko, Abubakar A. Usman, Godswill Essien, Abubakar Mohammed Mohammed, Usman Makawa, Suleiman Usman, Hussein James, Ishaibu Jibrin, Emmanuel Olive, Abu Yerima, Seidu Musa Shadari, Kayode Adeshina, Timothy Tseen, Abubakar Mukiga and Alhaji Barwa Usman.

The NPS, which declared them wanted, gave a brief description of each of the 72 escapees and their offences, the date they were admitted into the Koton-Karfe prison.

Deputy Comptroller of Prisons, DCP Kayode Odeyemi, the NPS Public Relations Officer urged anybody with useful information that could lead to the re-arrest of the escapees to contact the nearest Prison Service formation, the police stations or any other security agency.

Culled from pm news

Huge Crowd Receives Ojukwu

•Draped in Nigeria’s national colours, the casket bearing the remains of the late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu at the State House, Abuja, this morning. PHOTO: FEMI IPAYE.

The remains of Dim Ikemba Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu were this morning received at the International Wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja.

The body of the Biafran warlord arrived from London aboard a British Airline flight at about 4a.m.
While a huge crowd had gathered at the Hero’s Square in Owerri, Imo State, southeast Nigeria to receive the corpse of the warlord, a military parade and brief ceremony was held in honour of the departed hero at the Presidential Lounge of the Airport.

At the Abuja ceremony, it was in deed a harvest of tributes as notable Nigerians led by the Vice President, Architect Namadi Sambo, who represented President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan at the event, paid glowing tributes to the man who fought for equity, fair play and justice in Nigeria.

In the Presidential remarks read by the Vice President, President Jonathan said the late Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, lived an astute life in spite of his privileged upbringing.
He praised the bravery of the fallen hero who fought for equity and justice and stood for these virtues up till his death.

Others who paid tribute to Ojukwu include the Senate President, David Mark, who also chaired the Abuja event.

The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, the Deputy Speaker, Emeka Ihedioha, the First Lady; Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan, the FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed, as well Chief Tom Ikimi who delivered the key note address also honoured Ojukwu.

In his address, Ikimi noted that the life and times of the late Ojukwu will forever form a major milestone in the nation’s history and observed that his impact on the nation will continue to be debated.
Senator Ekweremadu noted that the late Ikemba came ahead of his time and also died ahead of his time and called on Nigerians to continue with the struggle for a peaceful and fair society which the late Ikemba died pursuing.

On her part, the First Lady saluted the courage of the late Ojukwu whom she said was not just an icon, but the pride of our nation.

She noted that Ojukwu had left a large footprint in the sands of our time.
As early as 6.30 a.m today, Imo State indigenes stormed Hero’s Square, built less than 10 months ago by the Rochas Okorocha administration, to celebrate eminent Igbo figures.

Today marks the first day, Ojukwu’s remains will touch ground on his native Igboland, for a tour of the five south-eastern states of Nigeria.

Starting with Imo State, the body will later be taken through Abia, Ebonyi, and Enugu, before it is interred in Ojukwu’s hometown, Nnewi, in Anambra State.
Thousands of citizens converged on the centre, very early to pay tributes to Ojukwu, while many other lined the streets of the state capital in celebration.

As at press time Ojukwu’s body was still being expected at the Owerri Airport where the state governor, Rochas Okorocha led a government delegation to receive the remains.
In a tribute, Governor Okorocha described the late Ojukwu as one who led a life that was defined by the values of sacrifice, honesty and persevearance.

“Nothing defined Dim Ojukwu’s life and its ideals more than his commitment to Justice and equity,” Okorocha said.

Different cultural groups also trooped to Hero’s Square to perform in honour of the man described passionately as the Igbo man’s hero.

Amid tight security, important guests and visitors to the venue were made to park their cars about 500
metres away from the venue.

Producers of souvenirs, almanac and other mementoes with the inscriptions on Ojukwu have been making brisk business.

P.M.NEWS learnt that most of the youths who were born after the civil war and only read or were told about the exploits of Ojukwu were passionate about him that they were ready to do anything to honour him.
Traders from all the nooks and crannies of Imo state closed their shops while the state government declared today as a public holiday.

Most of the youths who spoke with our correspondents said Ojukwu is more popular even in death.
They said his death has rekindled Igbo dreams of equality and fair play in Nigeria.
The security operatives made sure anyone entering the venue was thoroughly screened.

Anyone who disobeyed security operatives directive was made to frog jump.
The unprecedented crowd and important dignitaries including governors and others were still waiting for the corpse of Ojukwu as at press time.

Culled from pm news

Actress Laide Bakare Survives Car Accident

Popular Yoruba movie actress/Producer , Laide bakare survived a car accident that could have claimed her life last weekend.

PM news reports that  the accident occured in Ifo police station,ogun state while she was driving  her newly acquired Range Rover with customised number LBO which stands for Laide bakare Okunfulure.
Bakare was speeding when a nissan saloor car ,driving out of the the police station rammed into her vehicle which led to collision.
Although the driver of the Nissan admitted to being at fault, both automobiles were detained at the Ifo Police Station.

 A witness  said “Laide really has her God to thank because she did not even sustain any injury. I have seen an accident of this nature claim lives before, but I think God is on her side.” it was the ‘star’ status of the actress that made the jittery Nissan driver admit being at fault.

“He could have claimed otherwise, but I guess it was due to the respect he has for her. Both of them were at fault really because Laide too was on a rather high speed.”the witness said.

Laide is well known in yoruba movie industry and has acted in and produced many movies.

Chocolate City Records Signs New Artist, Female rapper Pryse


Press release

  The multi award winning record label, Chocolate City, is home to some of the music industry’s top house hold names, such as M.I, Jesse Jagz, Iceprince, and Brymo.
  With the rapid growth of the label and increasing success of artist management, Chocolate City has proven to be a hub of talent exploitation, and manifestation.  It is no surprise that a lot of youth, internationally and locally, have reached out to be signed to the label, in hopes of achieving their dreams.
  So far, Chocolate City has an all-male cast as its line up, and the general public have bugged the label to sign a female act.  Chocolate City, known for setting trends, decided to bide their time, and look out for the girl that possessed qualities of a Choc BOI – Bold, Original, Innovative.

     In came a young lady, full of energy and enthusiasm who welcomed the opportunity of being featured along-side, award winning Africa’s rapper numero uno, M.I on his upcoming mixtape “Deux Illegaux de Musique – Illegal Music 2”. After label heads, Audu Maikori, and Paul Okeugo heard her lyrical prowess on the song “No-tis” (a cover of Jay Z and Kanye West’s Otis), they decided to put her through the CC boot camp.

   Without further a-do, ladies and gentlemen, Chocolate City presents to the world, its first signed female artist, Pryse!(Pronounced Prize)

    Pryse is a talented Nigerian rapper who is eager to follow the footsteps of her fellow label mates in creating music that would not only entertain, but influence the public.  Born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Princess Esindu a.k.a Pryse, started rapping in church at the tender age of 10.
 Pryse always knew she wanted to be a musician; encouraged by her family who own and run Frontline TV Studio in Port Harcourt, Pryse took a keen interest in entertainment.  Pryse knew she had to nurture her passion, so she went to study media in Nottingham, UK.  While in the UK, she took up writing her own songs, and co-producing with her older brother.  When asked who her influences are, Pryse lists, Jay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, and M.I – it is precisely the admiration for M.I that led her to work her way to be signed by Chocolate City.  In an industry where female emcees are outnumbered by men, Pryse is sure she will keep the torch blazing for the young ambitious women out there.

  When asked what it meant to be the first female signed to Chocolate City, Pryse had this to say “ I thank God I’ve come this far, and I’m just happy its finally happened, and I’m ready to put in the work, so let’s go. I’m ready to be a BOI (Bold Original Innovative).”

The label is looking forward to presenting to the world its first signed female artist, Pryse.  “We hope they hear/see in her, what we did” – Doosuur Tilley-Gyado (Talent Mngr Chocolate City).
Pryse is available for interviews from March 20th 2012.

Boko Haram Kills Two In Adamawa As Police Defuse 6 Bombs In The Area

Scene of attacks in Gombe on Friday night-(AP Photo/Ahmed Mohammed)

Nigeria's Islamist militant group Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-Jihad also known as Boko Haram last night struck in Shuwa township in Adamawa State killing at least two persons.
Residents told SaharaReporters that they heard a loud explosion and gunshots and saw two dead persons killed by rampaging militants as they attacked a local police station.

 The fierce attack on the  police station led  residents to escape into nearby bushes.
The state Police Commissioner Ade Shinaba confirmed the attacks, he told newsmen that the anti-bomb unit in the state has also defused some six Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in the area.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Woman Dies After Fight With Husband Over Food

A native of Ishan in Edo State, Southwest Nigeria, Peter Odion, has been arrested by the police in Lagos State, for allegedly killing his wife, Mrs. Ifeoma Ohalele Odion, for eating his food.

The incident occurred at 2, Olushola Close, Abule Taylor, Abule Egba, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.
Narrating the incident that led to the death of his sister to P.M.NEWS, Chiweiko Ohalele, who claimed to be living with the couple before the tragic incident occurred, said: “I was in my village meeting on Sunday afternoon when one of our neighbours called me on phone to meet them at a hospital at Abule Egba over my sister’s condition.

“When I got there, I met my sister in an unconscious state with blood dripping from her head and face. In fact, she could not neither talk nor recognise me.
“I begged the doctor on duty to transfer her to the General Hospital at Ilepo because her condition was very bad. And he obliged.

“But before she could be attended to at the General Hospital, my sister died.
“When I confronted her husband, Peter Odion, who was also in the hospital on what transpired between him and my sister, he said he fought my sister for trying to eat the eba he made for himself.”
Chiweiko stated that Peter claimed that when they returned from church, he told his wife to prepare eba for him and her daughter, but she refused, claiming she had headache.

The husband, we gathered, went ahead and prepared the eba only for the wife to get up to eat the food.
A fight then broke out between the couple when Peter insisted his wife must not eat the food.
He further stated that during the fight, Peter pushed her and she hit her head on a hard object inside the room and fainted.

He raised an alarm and neighbours assisted him to rush the wife to the hospital.
“I did not intend to kill her because we have not had any disagreement before the tragic incident happened.
“I pray that God would forgive me,” Peter told Chiweiko.

P.M.NEWS gathered that the suspect was arrested in the hospital after doctors confirmed the wife dead.
He was taken to the Oke Odo Police Division, Ilepo, Abule Egba, Lagos. After preliminary investigation, he was transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba for further interrogation.

When P.M.NEWS visited the SCID, Panti, Yaba Command, a police source confirmed the presence of the suspect in the command and stated that he was undergoing interrogation.

culled from pm news

Masturbation Not A Sin —Oyakhilome

A shocking revelation by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love World, a.k.a. Christ Embassy, that masturbation is not a sin but a habit has reverberated on the internet including Youtube, with many people believing that the statement would draw different reactions from men of God in the coming days.

The video shows Pastor Chris and another Pastor of his church, Kwaku from Ghana,who asked Oyakhilome while he was preaching thus: “Pastor, how does one overcome masturbation?”
In response to his question, the clergyman, in the video believed to have been uploaded in 2011 but which has begun to spread like wildfire, said masturbation is a habit just like any other habit and that it is often misconstrued as a sin.

“The reason you are thinking of stopping it is because you think it has become a habit for you…masturbation is not more than a habit than any other habit.

“So once you make up your mind that you want to break a particular habit, you just do it, you make up your mind…in fact the best way to break a habit is to replace it with another habit.

“There is one thing I would like to bring to your mind that may be of help to you because the reason you are thinking of stopping this is because of what you think it is,” he said.

Using illustration, he said that if Kwaku was in the habit of playing football, he would not be asking how he should stop it.

He said: “No matter how wrong you think this is in your mind, get this straight, in itself, it is not a sin against God,” emphasising that as a result of this belief that it is a sin, Satan uses it to oppress people of God “making them feel ineffective an inefficient in the things of God.”

He said in Christianity as a religion, this habit has nothing to do with God but a lot to do with the body of the person practising.
“Satan uses his power to accuse you…so if you don’t like it, stop it, but God’s got nothing to do with it. It is your own body.

“Masturbation is about you and your body. God is not offended by it, He is only offended by any habit that takes hold of your mind and if this takes hold of your mind and dominates your body, God is offended.”
As expected of controversies, the video has generated varied opinions with some supporting the controversial preacher’s position on the matter, while others think the Pastor is wrong.

Culled from pm news

P-Square -- Chop My Money ft AKON & May D

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wizkid Set to Rock Industry Night

EME star Wizkid is set to perform at the weekly Industy Night at  Oriental Hotel,lagos on wednesday feb.22 .  The show tagged WIZKID LIVE will be hosted by Mc Larry D and Kel  and  presented by Industry Nite and Trace Urban ll.

The Night is powered by Empire Mates Entertainment /BEAT FM  and will also feature performances from many artists like skales,Pope,Slim T , Shaydee ,Biggie Brown, sammy and 19th Street.

Akon Sued for $51k Over Unpaid Construction Bill

Senegalese/American star Akon has been sued for $51,000 for not paying his construction bill.

TMZ reports that a local contracting  company southern Electric filed a lawsuit againt him in Georgia Superior court claming it completed over $344,000 of work on Akon's Georgia Mansion but he has refused to pay the balance of $51,941 on their final invoice.

 After contacting Akon's Mum who was in charge of the project last november ,Southern Electric is  suing for breach of contract for the amount allegedly owed, plus interest.

Chris Brown Reunites With Rihanna to Make Two Remixes

It's been three years the infamous incident happened between chris brown and rihanna . Now the much-rumoured collaborations have been released and it's double remixes

Rihanna recruited Brown to appear on a remix to her song ‘Birthday Cake’ while Brown enlisted Rihanna on a remix to his ‘Turn Up the Music’,the first single off his forthcoming album Fortune.

As Chris Brown’s appearance at the Grammys last week caused mixed reactions, the release of these songs with the ex-girlfriend he   assaulted three years ago is bound to cause a stir.

Yesterday Chris Brown tweeted at Rihanna wishing her Happy Birthday and she replied
Listen to the songs below

Bobby Brown and New Edition Coming to Nigeria For Concert in Lagos and Portharcourt

Bobby brown and new edition

   It’s official! - Grammy award winning American musician Robert Barisford Brown (Bobby Brown) is coming to Nigeria for the first time ever. And he’s making the trip with his pop group New Edition!
  The R&B Singer, Song writer and dancer confirmed his appearance for the high budget concert organized by R28 events in an audio statement released on Monday from his base in America. The concert is scheduled for Friday March 9 in Lagos and Sunday March 11, in Port Harcourt.
 In the audio message, Bobby Brown confirms he’d be in Nigeria in March “We’ll be rocking the stage live in Nigeria live on March 9 and 11. Don’t you dare miss it.”
This is the first time New Edition will be performing in Nigeria, a city where they have millions of fans and followers.
 According to their management, the former group members will travel to Nigeria with a crew of 50 band members and associates.
And as fans, the music industry and R&B lovers gear up for the event that has been tagged “The show of the year”, the organizers have confirmed that 2face, Banky W, Duncan Mighty are getting set to perform alongside the visiting group.
Other co-headliners include Omawumi, eLDee, Burna Boy and Modenine.
“Music fans who appreciate the quality of good musical performances will be thrilled by the collection of the finest musicians we are putting together, this is a concert you don’t want to miss,” Gbolahan Balogun MD of R28 Events says.
 The Lagos and Port Harcourt concerts will be dedicated to Bobby’s ex-wife Whitney Houston who passed on February 11. 2012.
  New Edition is made up of Ronnie Devoe, Ricky Bell, Mike Bevins, Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown. The group's hits include "Candy Girl", "Cool It Now", and "Mr. Telephone Man”
   Produced by R28 events, the concert will hold at the Eko Hotel and Suites on Friday March 9, 2012 and at the Polo Club, Port Harcourt on Sunday March 11, 2012.

AMAA Awards Nomination Party Holds March 17

    African film academy, the organizers of African Movie academy awards(AMAA) have revealed the 8th Annual AMAA award Nominations party will hold March 17,2012 in Ghana .
Africa Film Academy (AFA) invited filmmakers last july to submit their Feature, Short, and Documentary works in order to be considered for Nominations.
  The nominations closed december 30,2011 .Only films produced and released between December 2010 and December 2011 would enter for the 2012 AMAA as disclosed to celebregion by the organizers. 
 The Nominees in all categories will be announced during the night. Music stars and comedians have been billed to perform .
The 2012 AMAA Awards will take place April 22,2012 and the theme for this year is Africa rising.
   Hollywood stars that have graced the Award ceemony in the past include Forest Whitaker, Angela B ,Danny Glover and Cuba Gooding .

Lagos Shuts Down Lord’s Chosen, Assemblies and 5 Other Churches

The Lagos State Government has shut down the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Ministry and six other churches in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria over noise pollution.

Officials of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA stormed a branch of the Lord’s Chosen Church at 25 Omobola Street, Lawanson, Surulere area at the weekend and shut it down.

Other affected churches are Bible Church, FESTAC; The Chapter of Christ Church, Oregun, Ikeja; Assemblies of God Church, Ikeja; The Golden Gate Church, Ifako-Ijaiye and Seek and Save Ministry, Abule Egba.

The closure of the churches is coming after pre-sanction notices were given to the churches to abate the noise pollution emanating from their worship centres.

General Manager, LASEPA, Engr. Rasheed Shabi said the closure of the churches became imperative after several abatement notices issued to them were disregarded.

According to him, some of the churches even rebuffed meetings called by the agency on how to resolve the issue.

“The agency’s stance is clear on issue of noise pollution level permitted. This has been communicated to all worship centres in the state.

“The level of noise pollution allowed in the state is between 55 decibel during the day and 42 to 45 decibel at night,” he said.

Shabi said the state government was determined to reduce noise pollution in the state because of the anomalies and diseases related to it.

He enjoined worship centres in the state to comply with the state’s standard on noise, while suggesting the use of sound proof equipment by churches to reduce noise during their worship services.

Meanwhile, the large expanse of land in Ayobo where the temporary headquarters of Deeper Life Bible Church is situated may soon become a subject of litigation, as the Olalere Family has asked the church to vacate the land.

The over 150 acres of land covering Amule, Ayobo and Onikanga communities, currently accommodates the Deeper Life Bible Church main auditorium, the International Bible Training College and the proposed Anchor University owned by founder of the church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi.

Although Deeper Life Bible Church has been in possession of the land for over 30 years, the Olalere Family who now claim ownership of the land has declared the church as an illegal occupant and warned that the family may resort to court action to evict the church if it does not legalise its tenancy of the land.

The Olalere family in a letter to the church dated 7 February 2012 noted that by virtue of a 2010 court ruling by Justice Oyekan Abdullahi, the entire Ayobo community land belongs to them, and any occupant currently on the land must renegotiate their tenancy with the family.

When our reporter contacted the church over the development, secretary to the church, Pastor Jerry Asemota, said he was personally unaware of any letter to the church by the Olalere family.

He, however, said that only the legal department of the church could confirm receipt of such letters.

When asked about the Olalere family’s claim of ownership to the church land, he said: “I can assure you that we are not illegal occupants. We have been in possession of this land for 30 years and if the initial owners have problem among themselves, they should settle it amicably.”

Multiple Accidents At Alapere

A trailer carrying sand this morning crushed five vehicles at Alapere, Ketu, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria
Although the cause of the accident could not be ascertained as at the time of filing this report, a witness said the truck’s brake failed and it crashed into no less than five private vehicles on the road.

The multiple accidents caused heavy traffic gridlock at the ever busy Alapere/Oworonsoki expressway and other adjoining routes.

The Lagos State traffic personnel have been drafted to the scene of the accident and they were seen trying to ease the gridlock. No life was lost.

Jailbird Arrested 4th Time For Robbery

A 27-year old man who had gone to prison thrice for his alleged involvement in armed robbery has been arrested again for the same offence.

He is currently being detained at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, cell in Ikeja, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.

The suspect, Godly Julius from Benue State, North Central Nigeria, resides in Pate village, Abuja but
allegedly shuttles between Abuja and Lagos to rob.

However, luck ran out on him when he allegedly went to Mile 2 area of Lagos with his other accomplices on a motorcycle to snatch a bag from a woman. In an attempt to escape, he was shot in the leg by a mobile policeman who witnessed the robbery.
He reportedly escaped with bullet wounds but eventually fell off the motorcycle at Okokomaiko.

People around the area who saw him with gunshot wound alerted the police at Ojo Divisional Headquarters and he was arrested.

In his confessional statement to the police at SARS, Ikeja, Julius said, “I learnt furniture making. I have been involved in robbery five years ago. I live in Abuja, but I come to Lagos to rob. I usually stay at a hotel at Iyana Isashi, Okokomaiko with a friend, Pere Agbon and Benjamin with their girlfriends. We pay N3,000 per day for the hotel room. From the hotel room we move out for our robbery operations anywhere in Lagos.

“I used to send money into my brother’s account in Abuja to keep for me. From the money I sent into his account, my brother bought a Toyota Camry car for himself.

“On the day I was arrested, we left the hotel on three okada (motorcycles) to Mile 2. When we saw a woman holding a bag, we snatched it. The woman was coming from the bank where she had gone to withdraw money. One of the mobile policemen who saw us opened fire onus. The bullet hit my leg while other members of our gang escaped.

“I fell down at Okokomaiko bus stop and as people gathered to look at me, they called in policemen who took me to their station.

“Pere, who is the gang leader, gave me the gun we used that day.

“The first time I went to prison, I spent one year and three months. The second time, I spent one year and two months, while the third time, I was in the prison for one year.”

Culled from pm news

Ten die in Ogun auto crash

No fewer than ten people died in a fatal accident that occurred ,yesterday, in Isara, Saapade, Remo North  Local Government Area of Ogun state while eight  people were seriously injured.
The accident occurred two days after a truck killed four passengers in Abule Olokuta near Ilaro, in Yewa South Local Government Area of the state.

The accident, according to an eye-witness, involved a  Lagos bound 18-seater  commercial bus with registartion number , Kebbi AA 189 AUG, fully loaded with passengers ,who were coming  from Kebbi state.
The  eye-witness, said that, the  accident occurred when the bus rammed  into a stationary articulated truck, popularly known as trailer with registration number, Lagos XV 512 EKY  near Isara.

Confirming the accident, the Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said the Commissioner of Police, Nicholas Nkedeme, had visited the accident scene and confirmed the death of ten people.
Adejobi  through an SMS message, stated that, the injured passengers  have been admited at Olabisi Onabanjo Univeristy Teaching Hospital, OOUTH.

30 die as blasts, gun duel rock Maiduguri

No fewer than 30 people were killed yesterday in Maiduguri when suspected members of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, opened fire and set off bombs at Baga Fish market in the metropolis. Eight of the sect members were, however, killed in a gun duel with the Joint Task Force.

According to AFP report, traders at the market reported that gunmen believed to be members of the Islamic sect stormed the market and opened fire indiscriminately killing many of them, including women and children.

“The number of dead could not be less than 30,” a Maiduguri hospital nurse told AFP.
The military confirmed the assault on the market but denied any civilian deaths, saying security forces had killed eight assailants and safely defused bombs planted by the attackers.

Spokesman of the Task Force, Lieutenant Colonel Hassan Mohammed said “at about 1:30 (1230 GMT) this afternoon at Baga Market of Maiduguri metropolis some gunmen suspected to be members of Boko Haram attacked and shot civilians at the market. Several people had been wounded but there was no civilian death at this time. The military immediately came to the rescue and safely defused three bombs planted by members of the sect and shot dead eight members of the sect.”

However, one trader in the market who identified himself simply as Mairami said six gunmen stormed the food and commodities market and “opened fire indiscriminately. At least 30 people including women and children were killed.”

Another vendor by the name Gana gave a similar account of the attack in the city saying,”the gunmen just opened fire killing people. I saw three military vans piled with bodies leaving the market. There were several explosions after the shooting.”

The attackers had accused traders of collaborating with the military following the arrest last week of a suspected Boko Haram member in the market, witnesses said.
Mairami said one gunman shouted angrily that traders had “teamed up with soldiers” to help arrest members of the sect.

“We have henceforth waged war against you,” Mairami said the gunman had declared, before spraying bullets on both vendors and customers. Last week, traders overpowered a gunman suspected to be a Boko Haram member and handed him over to the military.

Fashola bans religious activities within secretariat

Following the spate of bombings in some parts of the country, Governor Fashola in an executive order with reference number E0/BRF/003, sent to all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the state government described the situation as worrisome.

According to the Governor, “I have observed with grave concern, the lack of adequate security measures in place to check  movement into and out of the secretariat, resulting in a high human and vehicular traffic in the secretariat. In order, therefore, to ensure the protection of lives and property within and around the secretariat, all religious activities within the secretariat are hereby prohibited.

“All devotees are now to use the Central Mosque and the Chapel of Christ the Light respectively which have been provided for that purpose,” he added.

Other security measures taken by the Governor included the seven-day ultimatum given to the state ministry of Transportation to remove all abandoned vehicles within the secretariat.
The use of unauthorized number plate, trading and touting within the secretariat were also prohibited as “anyone found will face the full weight of the law.”

Terrorism threats from Arab countries are real  – Maj-Gen. Audu

Against the backdrop of current security and terrorism challenges facing the country, Chief of Defence Intelligence, Major General Sani Yakubu Audu has said that terrorism threats from countries involved in the Arab Spring uprising, was real and that the federal government was doing all within its powers to checkmate the flow of terrorists, arms and ammunition into the country.

Towards this end, General Audu disclosed that the recent approval for the opening of a Defence Attaches’ offices in Niger and one other country was in furtherance of assisting security agencies in the country to contain and checkmate this dangerous and disturbing flow.

In addition to the establishment of the new Defence Attaches’ mission, the CDI disclosed that because of the Al Qaeda threat in the sub-region, the Defence Intelligence Agency was concentrating on the training of its personnel and officers on Counter Terrorism training, while on the local scene, efforts are being made to open new intelligence cells in some parts of the country to boost intelligence gathering.

“On our part, capacity building is what we are focusing on to ensure we improve intelligence gathering, techniques and analysis and this is yielding positive results. We have also discovered that the level of awareness among Nigerians especially as it concerned security issue is very low and we are trying to do something about this with regards to education because security is not all about security agencies alone but the responsibility of everybody, he said.

Lion on rampage, kills two in Yobe

A lion has killed two herders and 30 livestock in a settlement in Yobe State, the environment commissioner said Tuesday.
“We have a lion on the rampage which has so far killed two people and around 30 herd”, Ahmed Wakil Sarki said.
He said the lion attacked the settlement on the edge of a forest in Gujba district, 30 kilometres (20 miles) from the state capital Damaturu on Monday.
“We are trying to mobilise our rangers from the wildlife department to capture the predator alive or hunt it down to avert further destruction,” he said.
Sarki said the lion was believed to be holed up near Damaturu as residents in nearby villages reported seeing the devoured remains of animals they suspected to have been killed by the big cat.
He added that it was not clear whether the lion lived nearby or came from afar.

Tuface Idibia speaks on why he proposed to Annie Macaulay

For those who haven't read Tuface Idibia's exclusive interview with, where he talks about why he picked his longtime girlfriend Annie Macaulay over his other baby mamas, read it below...

Of your three ‘baby mamas’, why Annie?
That’s where my heart led me to.
Why Valentine’s Day?
That's when it happened. It just so happened to be the time I felt the need to make that move.

Considering that you have known her for such a long time and what has happened with you with the women and the children, when did you decide to make the move?
It was part of my New Year resolution to follow my heart this year.

More after the cut...

How did the thought come into your mind?
Like any other thought about something important. You start feeling the need to do something or go somewhere different from deep within. Then you just make your move one time. No shaking.
When do you plan to tie the knot?
We will let you know soon enough.
Why did it take you so long to finally make this decision?
I needed to get there, you know, reach the point wey e be say, gbagam! My mind, heart and everything dey ready. The timing for marriage should not be determined by any outside influence my guy. If you are not ready for it don’t commit to it because some people think you should.
Were you nervous before you popped the question?
Yes I was but I was sure of what I was doing.
What if she had turned down the offer?
Wow! I would have asked again.
Can you really be a one-woman man?
Na the journey I don start so now, abi?
What will change now that you are about to get married?
Everything that needs to change.
What is your relationship with the other mothers of your children?
Same at it has been all the while. Cordial mostly. I’ve still got respect for them because we have kids together.
Do you know their reaction to this decision?
I know it may be difficult if any one happens to still be attached emotionally but I can only hope they understand that that’s where my heart is.
Other women have been associated with you in the past five years. Pero, as a matter of fact, is expecting a third child for you soon. One would have expected that the woman with three children would be your option. Not that you owe it anyone, but can you explain the reason for your choice?
Wow! And someone else would say it should have been the mother of my eldest child. Another person will even argue that it should be the lady that has been with me for the longest time. These are matters of the heart. They can’t always be analysed like that. Sometimes you no fit analyse am at all sef.
Being that you had three women to choose from, at least seemingly, what it is about Annie that decided it for you?
My mind, my body, my soul, my heart chose her.
Now that you have decided to settle down with your ‘True love’, your ‘African Queen’, how will this affect your song writing?
It will add more inspiration.
Your next album drops very soon. Any chances of an ‘African queen II’ to celebrate your fiancée?
Yes o!
Who will perform at your wedding?
Certainly not me. A couple of my colleagues definitely.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Photos: D’banj And Mo’Hits All Stars Live In New York City Concert

What is Dbanj looking for inside that boooob

D'banj and the Mo'hits Crew, rocked the city of New York to a stand still Yesterday, during the much anticipated "D'banj & Mo'Hits All Stars Live in NYC" Concert. 


The lovely pictures are from Ade West Media.

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