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Beauty Tips: Aftershave Products: Benefits of After Shave Balm, Lotion & Gel

Aftershave ProductsAftershave literally conforms to its main purpose as a product that can be used "after-a-shave". Shaving techniques are being utilized differently; some prefer to shave downwards while others from the neck up. This is a must-have for those who want to deal with the consequential offshoots of shaving wherein small scratches and cuts are almost inevitable.

Many people prefer to use specially formulated creams and oils for pre-shave deflecting any razor burn as well as countering nicks and related shaving problems. Consequently, whichever technique is applied, the face must be properly hydrated by using an ample amount of water and of course, the best aftershave product.

While a perfume or cologne is meant to produce an enticing scent, an aftershave on the other hand is capable to smoothen skin. But then, aftershave may sometimes be mistaken as eau de cologne. To give you more ideas about aftershave, this article will give you its benefits, common types, features as well as buying considerations. Keep reading...

The Benefits of Aftershave

One of the greatest advantages of choosing aftershave is the cool and rejuvenating sensation any user may enjoy. It is possible to directly work with it over the skin to aid you from any hint of burning sensations. Aftershave provides the face with the level of smoothness, suppleness and refined texture you want to obtain. As soon as you shave, putting on aftershave will make you feel attractive and captivating.

Like others who don't regularly wash their faces, you may eventually suffer some complications due to acne. Astringents contained in aftershave may cleanse your follicles as well as your skin cells. Additionally, aftershave products may counteract the chemical reagents and dust in your skin that makes your face appear lifeless and brittle. Furthermore, razor burns will be minimized effortlessly through the cooling effect of aftershave.

What's more, an individual who smells great will give an impression of becoming hygienic. This can be an essential aspect if you wish to leave a more rewarding impact among people. Indeed, your neat appearance will give you a much better confidence.

3 Common Aftershave Products: Lotion, Balm & Gel

An aftershave may refer to a gel, balm, powder, liquid or lotion. There are numerous brands along this product line and here are the 3 most common types:
  1. Aftershave Lotion
    This is a common type of aftershave that is preferred by most users since it can be suitable to all skin types. Almost all aftershave lotions comprise healing agents just like Aloe Vera that can minimize the redness of the skin. Whenever you need an ideal skin conditioner, an aftershave lotion is a good choice.
  2. Aftershave Balm
    This is used to soothe an irritated skin. Its ingredients may revitalize and moisturize skin that allows the neck and face to breathe right after shaving. It further contains Vitamin C that allows you to have a healthy, shiny skin. Interestingly, many shave balm products contain grape seed extracts as well as shea butter.
  3. Aftershave Gel
    This type does not only deal with irritated skin but can also heal or relieve razor burns as well. The vast majority of aftershave gels include anti-bacterial reagents in addition to its components. The medicinal part will eventually eradicate viruses and bacteria existing onto the skin therefore you will not experience clogged skin pores.

Features of Aftershave

Modern aftershave products have developed many features for skin care. Various consumers may prefer aftershave products based on brand names. Some may eventually go by the smell, others by the looks or packaging and some may prefer to buy the most expensive ones. Some aftershave brands have antiseptic ingredients that in many cases may contain alcohol. An antiseptic agent like strearate citrate is sometimes added to avoid any form of infection. Astringents additionally give aftershave the right pH level for the skin. Moreover, to numb any form of possible skin damage, menthol is utilized in some varieties. Thus, any user may expect a burning sensation after the application.

Buying Considerations for Aftershave

On the other hand, aftershave products are more expensive if they contain perfume for scent enhancement. Other notable feature that gives aftershave an extra point is its moisturizing element. This adds up to a much better treatment to come up with a freshly-shaved skin. Apparently, packaging may not give a direct effect to the skin; however, it is still vital that aftershave is packed in an attractive glass bottle.
Aftershave brands can be bought at many leading cosmetic stores and shaving product sections. Furthermore, you can freely browse the internet and choose the best brand that you prefer.
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