Saturday, 18 February 2012

Photos: 22 Year Old Nigerian Marries A 68 Year Old German Lady In Lagos

Take a look at these photos, 22 years old got married to 68 lady from Germany

What a life...The question is did he do it because he want to travel abroad or for love..please comment on the comment box below..


this is errant non-sense! what's this guy tryin to portray here, love? let not pretend we all know the motives behind this "wedding".

this na world Guinness book record marriage mennnnn! Maga don pay jor....

this is errant non-sence,this bloody boy, stupid boy is realy realy insane.

dis guy is a thief,both him and his family,small boy?oga ooooo.foolish guy with a very poor background.dis is poverty .

haha the boy turn client to wife.. that woman no go te before she go die.. the boy wan inherit.... money na big wahala for this world. i no go ever be money slave.. that pics of he and is family no real.. na rent he go rent does people to do like parent for ram... fresh dick fucking rough pussy.that is money ritual..

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