Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rev. Chris Okotie OK's Tattoo and Plastic Surgery

I have witness one of his church service two years ago when Rev. Chris Okotie spoke about tattooing your body, he said tattoo is a symbol of the mark of the beast "666" and its one's choice to have it on his or her body and  he also spoke about it on Sunday January 13th at his Household of God Church auditorium, Pastor Chris Okotie told his members while preaching that tattooing their body or even undergoing plastic surgery is not a sin before God because God has given you the body.

He said a lot of people misinterpret a scripture in the bible which is supposedly against body art and enhancement. He said getting tattoos and plastic surgery is an individual decision and has nothing to do with God.

Some people don't agree with him. I think God cares more about what's in your heart and soul more than what you're putting on your body. What do you think?

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