Thursday, 29 March 2012

Women who face Domestic Abuse

I got this story while going through a close friend blog. The woman at the right, had her finger cut by her husband who is a police man and he wasn't arrested for the crime. It is very obvious that these women has been badly beaten. Unfortunately, no information has been given about these women or their names.

There are so many of such cases every year but only very few or if any, are treated. To young ladies, before you get  married, if your boyfriend raises his hand on you and hit you, you have to do a rethink about going further with such relationship because chances are that, if he did it once, he will do it again. Do not let the love you have for a man blind you from seeing reality. As for married women, Abeg if you are having domestic abuse run! be alive for your children. Don't wait till you look like one of these women. These are even the lucky ones, some are not even alive to tell their story. Its not by force to stay married to a beast! And don't for once think you deserve the beating because you don't.

And young ladies, if you have the chance at a young age to get education please do! the reason so many of this things happen is because many of our young ladies believe a man will just come and marry them and they will live happily ever after. Don't just get married to become a house wife! get a job, get something to do! Many women are unable to leave because they don't have the finances to support their self and their children if they leave their husbands house.

To the government, police, house of representative, its high time YOU look into this issue of women abuse. Its bigger than you think. Its time to stop treating this crimes as domestic violence and start treating it like an attempted murder cases. There should be bills passed on this kind of assault. So many of this women reported to the police and many were sent back home to go and beg their husbands because it is a domestic case and they could do nothing about it. This should stop! in fact it has to be looked into.

To the families of these victims, Don't leave your sister or niece in such condition. Don't go telling her that divorce is not in the family etc. It is very important to call a family meeting in cases like this. Do not allow what the world will say to hold you back from saving you sister's life. Don't just sit in your house and watch! Do something!

To the pastors, please stop telling these women to go back home to their husbands' house and pray, that God will guild them. Many women who listen to this are dead! There should be a temporary place for these women till the church helps to resolve this issue. Don't just tell them to go back and pray! Do something!

Above all, Never love someone more than you love yourself. If you don't have any help from anyone please leave, make calls to Project Alert now 01-4737270, 08052004698 or send an email to, log on to their website

Dont Just sit there and hope for it to get better, make a call, talk to friends that can help, remove shame from your heart and live for yourself and your children.

Please don't just ignore this article, share, break the silence, you may be saving someone's life without knowing it.


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