Tuesday, 13 March 2012

UK woman set to marry her 5th husband at age 29

                                               First husband at age 19                               Second husband at age 20
                                         Third husband at age 22                                                   Fourth husband at age 24

By age 24, Alison Smith from Scotland was already married four times. Now she's planning her 5th wedding at age 29. Continue to read her story and see how she manged to accomplish this amazing feat...

with new partner Matthew Hume
A serial bride who married FOUR times by the age of 24 seems to be planning her fifth union after leaving fourth husband and setting up with a new lover.
Alison Smith, from Arbroath, in Angus, Scotland, refuses to accept that she just isn’t the marrying kind although she has been very unlucky-in-love.
Her first husband, George Greenholme, ran off with her mum after just ten days.

Her second husband, Daniel Innes, was a last-minute stand-in for a fiancé who jilted her just before her wedding - she married him when she was heavily pregnant.
And the third spouse was William McKellica, an alleged bigamist.

Her last marriage lasted four years, but Miss Smith was dumped by her fourth husband, Alex Shepherd, when he allegedly caught her cheating with her current partner Matthew Hume.

The couple, who wed in 2008 and have a three-year-old child, are in the process of finalising their divorce.

Miss Smith, 29, has now left the home they shared and moved in with her new lover, Matthew Hume. 

Mr Shepherd and Miss Smith were staying with her mother Pat and her husband George Greenholme until they separated.
Mr Greenholme was Miss Smith’s first husband - but they split after just ten days of marriage when he admitted he had slept with her mum.
However, Miss Smith forgave them both and was later a bridesmaid at their wedding.
In return Mr Greenholme even walked her down the aisle when she wed Mr Shepherd.
Mr Greenholme introduced Miss Smith to friend Peter Knight and they planned to marry in 2004, when Miss Smith was heavily pregnant.

He jilted her at the last minute but close friend and former boyfriend Daniel Innes stepped in to take his place at the last minute.
Their marriage lasted less than two years, but Miss Smith began a relationship with a man more than double her age and they soon became engaged.
William McKellican was 50 when he wed 22-year-old Miss Smith in April 2006, but a month later she discovered he had not divorced his second wife. He was charged with bigamy, but the case was later dropped.

She then met Mr Shepherd - another friend of her stepfather’s - at her mother’s home. She said they 'just clicked' when they began chatting.

When they became engaged she described him as her 'prince' and said she wanted to 'live happily ever after.'
But Mr Shepherd called time on their union after he discovered her alleged extra-marital relationship with 30-year-old Mr Hume, who she's set to wed next.

Culled from Daily Mail


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