Monday, 2 January 2012

Fuel Subsidy Removal: This situation in Lagos this morning. (Photos)

Went around in my car this morning to observe what's happening in Lagos since the fuel subsidy removal yesterday. It's pathetic. Took some pictures myself with my camera phone. Continue to see what I saw... 

The filling stations selling are selling for N148 per litre...and the queue is just crazy

Some filling stations aren't selling

Some buses aren't working, some are parked on the road, others at their motor park

 The roads are deserted

 And the ones who want to go out are stranded at the bus stops.

This is where we are in 2012.  An oil producing nation paying N141 per litre of fuel. A country where the minimum wage is N18k. A country where the average citizen lives below $1 a day.

Coke is now N100
In Lagos, pure water is now N10.
How can a mother of three who works as a cleaner and earns N15k a month feed her children when agege bread that used to be N40 is now N100. Derica of beans that used to be N120 now N250. For her to go from Yaba where she lives to Ojota where she works is now N300. It used to be N100.
How is she going to send her children to school, now that school fees will automatically increase. She used to manage to give her children N50 each to go to school after they've had breakfast at home until they come back late afternoon, how much will she give them now, when N50 can't even buy you a loaf of bread and pure water.

Shame on this government. They don't buy fuel, they don't pay house rent, they don't buy food, water is free, hospital bill free, cars, air fare, everything is free so they can do what the heck they like because it doesn't affect them or their families. RETARDS!


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