Sunday, 8 January 2012

American concert promoter kidnapped in Angola over Nas no-show

 Nas                                       Patrick Allocco

An American concert promoter, Patrick Allocco, CEO of AllGood Entertainment was last week abducted at gunpoint in Angola all because rapper Nas failed to show up for a heavily promoted New Year's Eve concert. Patrick was snatched by hired goons working for a local "concert impresario" named Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel who brought out the money for the NYE show.

Nas was paid $300k to perform two shows but failed to turn up for the show. Miguel was pissed and didn't want Allocco to leave the country without getting his money back, so he sent his people to kidnap him.

An update from TMZ when you continue...

From TMZ

Nas' concert promoter who was kidnapped at gunpoint in Angola is still stuck in the country -- caught in a legal stalemate between Nas and the guy who allegedly kidnapped him .. and it's getting worse by the day.

TMZ broke the story ... Patrick Allocco -- a U.S. concert promoter who booked an Angolan New Year's Eve show starring Nas -- was kidnapped after the Angolan concert promoter sent Allocco a $300,000 advance for Nas and the rapper ended up being a no-show.

We've learned Allocco -- who was released from custody but is still prohibited from leaving the country -- sent Nas the $300k, but now the Angola promoter wants not only the $300,000 back, but an additional $50,000 in expenses.

Here's the deadlock. Nas is willing to send $300,000, but not the addition $50 grand. In addition, before Nas sends ANY money, he wants a letter from both Allocco and the Angolan concert promoter -- releasing him from any liability.

So there's a stalemate. And Allocco is stuck in a foreign land.


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