Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Nigeria is such a disgusting country and their women look like apes - Kim Kardashian tweeted

If you all can recollect Kim Kardashian visited Nigeria a month ago where she was the guest host for Darey Love Like A Movie Concert and she didn't stay more than 45 minutes in Nigeria.

Soon after the event, reports went viral on the internet that Kim Kardashian was paid the sum of $500,000 to appear in Nigeria for less than an hour.

Now she is on the lips and fingertips of many Nigerians for allegedly calling Nigerian women apes. She also allegedly described Nigeria as a disgusting country. Kim was alleged to have made these comments on twitter some moments ago which has been deleted.

The alleged tweet reads, “Nigeria is such a disgusting country, I couldn’t wait to leave. Lol scot said their women look like apes and I agree.”

Already, she has been receiving loads of insults from Nigerians on twitter. Was it a fake account or was Kim K’s account hacked?.

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