Sunday, 24 March 2013

David Mark buys 2013 Corvette Coupe Sport car worth $49,600 for 2face Idibia as wedding gift

Nigeria Senate President presented an expensive Corvette Coupe sport car worth $49,600 to Music star 2Face Idibia at his wedding held yesterday in Dubai. 2Face who also hails from David Mark's tribe, the Idoma tribe in Benue State, was reportedly excited getting such from the number three citizen of Nigeria.

During his traditional wedding in Akwa-Ibom held about two weeks ago, the state governor of his wife, Annie Macaulay, Godswill Akpabio, reportedly presented two SUVs to the couple promising to sponsor 29 couples to the Dubai wedding.

This generated heated arguments in the polity. An SUV was reportedly hurriedly presented to Annie to forestall any attempt of 2Face rejecting the gifts due to the controversies.

2Face and Annie held their white wedding in Dubai yesterday with their daughter, Isabella and other Nigeria celebrities in attendance.

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