Monday, 18 February 2013

Official Photos from Darey Love Like A Movie Concert

I could not make the show because i was out of Lagos..I chated online with some of my friends that was present in the show they told me that the show was so incredible and there is nor of its kind .
The logistics and management of the event was excellent that is proper planning and a lot of creative innovation.. But i must tell you the success of the show had nothing to do with Kim Kardashian. It was all Darey, his wife and Soul Music family. Kim Kardeshian was there for about  an hour and took the next flight back to the United State. She appeared at the beginning of the show, said a few words and left. Some people who paid to see her didn't get the chance to see

She did the red carpet for several minutes, joined Nigeria celebrities at the pre-dinner event for like 10/15 minutes, did the photo-up with guests for a few minutes, then appeared on stage at the beginning of the show for about 20 seconds.  See more photos below....



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